Geothermal Science Inc.
Specialized consulting to the geothermal industry
Providing experienced geothermal expertise to your project, as an addition to your team, or as an independent advisor, depending on your needs.


Geothermal Science, Inc. consultants are experienced in all types of geothermal resources seen in the worldwide geothermal industry: low temperature direct-use applications, moderate temperature reservoirs utilizing pumped wells, high temperature two-phase fluids in fractured volcanic rocks, resources with complex chemistry, and super-heated dry steam reservoirs.

Geothermal Science, Inc. provides independent, professional consulting services and practical advice all of which are provided, and maintained, in complete confidence to protect clients’ interests.

Geothermal Science, Inc. offers the following services:

Reservoir Engineering:

Geothermal Science offers reservoir engineering services from exploration to enhanced energy production phases. Our reservoir engineers work closely with geoscientists and drilling engineers to explore, develop, and manage the geothermal resource in a very effective manner. Our services include both classic reservoir engineering techniques and state-of-the art numerical modeling with 3-D graphical visualization.

Resource Assessment:

Resource assessment and resource management is a main focus of Geothermal Science, Inc. We develop conceptual models based on multi-disciplinary data and build numerical models that are consistent with the conceptual model. Our service includes: reservoir modeling, numerical simulation, history matching, reservoir management planning, field development planning, and production optimization.

Geothermal Well Testing:

Geothermal Science offers expert services for the design, implementation, and analysis of geothermal well tests. We have been involved in the design, implementation, oversight and analysis of geothermal well tests worldwide. Our well testing services provide the following services to clients: well test design, oversight of well test operations, review of testing plans, implementation of well testing procedures, and analysis of well test data.

Wellbore Flow Simulation:

Geothermal Science is an expert in the numerical modeling of single and multiple-phase flow in wellbores. State-of-the-art software is used to model the flow in wells and quantify the well’s deliverability or injectivity characteristics. Quantitative predictions are then made for the wells’ deliverability or injectivity under different conditions or well configurations.

Numerical Reservoir Simulation:

Geothermal Science is a recognized expert in the field of numerical simulation of geothermal reservoirs. Our reservoir engineers use state-the-art software and techniques to numerically simulate geothermal resources and predict the reservoir performance. Our philosophy is to develop numerical models of geothermal resources that are consistent multi-disciplinary models. Our services include: development of multi-disciplinary conceptual models of geothermal reservoirs, conversion of the conceptual model into a numerical model, development of numerical models, upgrading and updating of existing numerical models, and using the resulting numerical model to make quantitative and useful forecasts.

Feasibility Studies:

Geothermal Science brings extensive experience in geothermal development to the evaluation of the feasibility of early-stage development concepts. Often in the early stages of development little field data exist and Geothermal Science is able to use their experience in similarly situated, analogous resources to make initial determinations of development feasibility.

Due Diligence Support:

Geothermal Science is routinely involved in due diligence support and we help clients to assure long-term return on their potential investment in geothermal projects. We assess the productivity of geothermal resources, validity of resource forecasts, and the strength of the technical analysis that forms the basis of the business model. We inform our clients about risk and costs involved in the projects in an objective manner.

Expert Witness Services:

Geothermal Science as a group of committed professionals has been involved in numerous witness services for private investors, large project developers, and government agencies.

3-D Graphical Visualizations:

We utilize the state-of-the-art visualization technologies to provide a better understanding of reservoir models to our clients.

Evaluation of Exploration Wells:

We evaluate geothermal prospects by incorporating geological, geophysical, and well logging data. Geothermal Science provides predictive tools such as reliable numerical models to the clients and let the customers to evaluate their assets confidently.

Design and Analysis of Reservoir Tests:

At Geothermal Science, we provide design and analysis of reservoir tests, such as field capacity testing, pressure interference testing, and tracer testing. Data from these types of tests typically are used in support of numerical modeling. Services include: Design, implementation, field oversight, and analysis of data.

Analysis of Field Expansion Options:

Geothermal Science uses both classic reservoir engineering and numerical modeling to quantify the effects of field expansion plans. Evaluations consider the effect of quantity of new wells, the placement of new wells, implications related to long-term resource sustainability, and impacts on existing operations.

Diagnosis Production and Injection Problems:

Geothermal Science applies extensive experience to diagnose operational problems in production and injection wells. Our approach is to clearly identify and explain our interpretation and recommend a practical solution.

Evaluation of Reserves:

Geothermal Science provides expertise in evaluating the reserves of a geothermal project utilizing codified approaches where available. Alternatively, Geothermal Science will utilize the most technically appropriate technique for evaluating reserves depending on the particular situation.

Analysis of New Geothermal Technologies:

Geothermal Science is eager to be involved in promising new technologies.