Geothermal Science Inc.
Specialized consulting to the geothermal industry
Geothermal Science, Inc. provides specialized consulting services to the rapidly growing and evolving geothermal industry.

Our Approach

Geothermal Science, Inc. consultants are experienced in all types of geothermal resources seen in the worldwide geothermal industry: low temperature direct-use applications, moderate temperature reservoirs utilizing pumped wells, high temperature two-phase fluids in fractured volcanic rocks, resources with complex chemistry, and super-heated dry steam reservoirs.

Geothermal Science, Inc. provides independent, professional consulting services and practical advice all of which are provided, and maintained, in complete confidence to protect clients’ interests.

Geothermal Science, Inc. brings to its clients the latest advances in geothermal technology and the expert application of the latest in specialized scientific software. In addition, Geothermal Science, Inc. brings the experience and knowledge gained from years of application of existing, proven technologies and techniques.