Geothermal Science Inc.
Specialized consulting to the geothermal industry
Geothermal Science, Inc. consultants provide clients with solutions, recommendations, and assessments that are both quantitative and useful.

Our Team

Our Mission:

Geothermal Science, Inc.’s mission is to provide the best geothermal consulting services and to deliver them in the most flexible way in the geothermal industry. What this means is that Geothermal Science can provide a multi-disciplinary team to handle a large project, provide a single expert that can work within your existing team, and any range of possibilities in between. The working arrangement depends only on the needs of the client.

Geothermal Science, Inc. brings the latest advances in geothermal technology and the expert application of the latest in specialized scientific software. In addition, Geothermal Science, Inc. brings the experience and knowledge gained from years of applying existing, proven technologies and techniques.

Our People:

Our team includes specialists in engineering, reservoir modeling, well testing and targeting, risk analysis, evaluation of reserves and resource management.

Richard Holt - President and Chief Reservoir Engineer
Geothermal Science, Inc. is led by Richard Holt, President and co-founder of Geothermal Science, Inc. He has industry-leading experience and expertise in geothermal reservoir engineering. He holds B.S. from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.S. from Stanford University, both in Petroleum Engineering. His entire career spanning over eighteen years has been in the role of a technical advisor to the geothermal industry in the areas of geothermal reservoir engineering, numerical modeling of geothermal reservoirs, resource assessment, and geothermal well testing.
During this time he has consulted on over sixty different operating geothermal fields and geothermal exploration prospects worldwide, including all geothermal fields currently online in the United States, and has been a key advisor in numerous geothermal field development and expansion projects. His industrial experience has focused on applying reservoir engineering expertise to the development, evaluation, operation, and management of geothermal resources. He has particular expertise in using reservoir simulation, wellbore simulation, and detailed analysis to assess geothermal resources, make forecasts, find optimizations, troubleshoot resource-related problems, and in the design, implementation, and analysis of well tests and reservoir tests. His experience covers the entire range of complex geologic and thermodynamic settings seen in the geothermal industry.

Business Partnerships - As Needed
Geothermal Science, Inc. also seeks to form partnerships and/or affiliations with like-minded companies for the purpose of individual contract or project work.
Subcontractors - As Needed
Geothermal Science, Inc. maintains a highly capable network of industry professionals who are available to add specialized skills and additional personnel to projects as needed.